There are a variety of approaches to meeting girls in Los Angeles. It’s customary to meet via online dating. It’s customary to meet in person, too. Furthermore, it’s valuable to look up events online that are designated to singles. These are some of ways to meet girls in LA.

Online dating

You could download a bunch of dating apps to your phone, wherein you could increase the number of options you’ll have. Though, in all likelihood, you’ll probably see some of the same dating candidates. In any case, it’s valuable to cast a wide dating-net, so to speak.

Meetup Groups

There are groups online designed for singles to meet. For instance, Eventbrite hosts singles events. Normally, you’ll need to pay to join an event. However, the benefit of attending is that everyone involved is attempting to meet a romantic interest of some sort.


In the process of looking to meet girls, it’s expedient to meet new acquittances or friends. People in LA rely on mutual friends to get invited to functions or parties. Without any friends of friends, you’ll presumably end up going to events full of tourists who are visiting LA. To be more specific, non-residents of LA will go online and find the same search results as people living in LA, who do not know anyone yet.

If you want to stay out after the bars’ closing time, you’ll want to have access to parties. Therefore, it’s not expedient to remain a lone wolf. You can search for parties online in the beginning. Then, you can start building a support system and contact list.


There are singles groups for volunteers. You can search online for volunteering near you. If you’re looking to meet girls in LA, for the sake of finding a relationship, volunteering could be your best route. Even if you do not meet your partner while you’re volunteering, you can doubtless make friends. Then, your friends can join you at new events.

The gym

There are usually classes available at gyms. You could happen to meet a girl, in a class. It wouldn’t be improbable because there are a lot of girls in LA who prioritize fitness.  Oftentimes, you will have a partner during a gym class. For example, if you join a kickboxing class, the teacher could direct the participants to split into pairs. There’s a chance you could partner with a girl.