Although transsexuals are not recognized and face criminal charges if they are “caught” in the emirate, it is home to a substantial trans community. You can meet transgender singles in Dubai on international dating sites like My Transgender Cupid, which does away with the hassle of going on blind dates and waiting for calls or messages. What is more, it’s a hassle in the best-case scenario. In a country where homosexuality is illegal, meeting a trans person can be quite risky.

Through online dating, people in Dubai have met others who are looking for a relationship. This is good news because practically, the only way to meet a trans person whom you might go on to date is on the internet. When you meet some, exercise caution even in private areas like your car. If you don’t, you risk exposure and jail time.

Meeting a trans person in your home is safe unless a nosy neighbor makes a complaint about it. If you’re staying at a hotel, it’s best to inquire into their policy. When booking a room, check reviews to see if the hotel is LGBT-friendly. If someone decides to report you to the police, the experience isn’t going to be very pleasant.

Bear in mind the emirate isn’t accepting of transsexual foreigners and trans visitors have been denied entry on these grounds alone. If you want to enter Dubai, dress like a man if your documents list your gender as male to avoid issues with immigration officers.

Websites make it possible to meet trans singles in Dubai and talk to them to find out if they’re looking for the type of relationship you’re looking for as well. There are also personals published by locals. These ads are published by real people who state that they are pre-op or post-op trans and have pictures that seem quite normal. At first glance, nothing about these ads seems fraudulent. There are also ads posted by men looking to date trans people, also with real photos and information about the person.

International sites like My Ladyboy Date and My Transgender Cupid offer useful advice and tips on transgender dating, including where to take a trans date and information about the rights of LGBT individuals.

Dating should be successful, easy, and meaningful. If you’re too scared to try, you’ve already failed. Try your luck and meet a trans single in Dubai.